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Our Mission;

# All Members and Units of Cyber-Warrior TIM are considered to adopt in principle of all of this mission and its principles no subject to any conditon.

# Main Purpose and Object of TIM is, to put a stop or prevent any kind of web publications of sites that are against Islam, enemy of Islam, all kinds of Satanic and Pornographic Sites which might lead innocent brains into different directions.

# All of the clauses of Cyber-Warrior TIM Mission are considered to be made simple and clear. This is to say; none of the web-publications or sites ( such as any kind of religious sites or sites belonging to any foreign country ) are considered to be a Cyber-Warrior TIM TARGET unless they violate the rules stated above.

# We are respectfull to all the religions and religion opinions which doesnt attact us.

# Any kind of publications and cases against Turkiye are covered by TIM’s principles.

# Any kind of technical support and help about security and similar issues will be provided by Cyber-Warrior TIM to those, who publishes their sites in the way that relates to Cyber-Warrior TIM Principles without any benefit.

# Cyber Warrior TIM cannot be associated with or be related to any kind of political sentiments or ideology of any organization, party, association, foundation and body politic including its own users of different ideas and political sentiments.
TIM is only related to its Mission stated above.


# It is definetely forbidden for users to make attacks using TIM name and its logo. Whoever breaks this rule will be banned from the system.

# Members are got admission and placed in the teams according to their expertise and are briefed according to their responsibilites and jobs.

# Group Administrators are free to choose their associates on their own and are held responsible for their team. .

# TIM Mission cannot be critized or judged by any individual, group or members under any circumstances. The Mission Rules can only be revised by Superior Administration and its Strategy Group if necessary.

# It is strictly forbidden to leak or share any kind of information of any confidential and educational documents, files, programs, links, any kind of materials or tools that are under the property of Cyber Warrior , to any other platforms.

# Those, who have any kind of suspicious attempts or similar actions to leak into TIM - determined by CW Intelligence Group and Reports - are discharged and punished accordingly.

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